Commsoft MD addresses UBM Aviation MRO costs conference


Commsoft Managing Director Nick Godwin addressed UBM Aviation´s Managing Aircraft Maintenance Costs conference in London on 7-8 December. He explained the numerous ways that MRO management systems save costs for operators and stressed the importance of implementing dedicated “best of breed” (BOB) maintenance systems such as OASES even when corporate ERP systems are already in place.

Godwin said cost-savings were achieved by, among other things, streamlining processes, forcing regulatory compliance, eliminating lost inventory, and providing simple reporting via a single point of data entry.

He also emphasized the significantly reduced operating costs and lower staff manning requirements associated with a more commercially and technically flexible BOB system such as OASES, when compared to data hungry, more rigid, BOB systems with their excessive over compliance demands.

He told delegates that MRO IT systems offered strong returns on investment – typically a multiple of three – but that the quality and speed of initial implementation was crucial. And he said the agility and user-friendliness of more flexible BOB systems provided outstanding value for organizations operating up to 50+ aircraft, even if a parent organization had an ERP in place.

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