Commsoft and Critical Technologies Form Technical Collaboration and Marketing Partnership


◾Commsoft and Critical Technologies sign technical and marketing partnership agreement. Commsoft’s MRO software product OASES and Critical Technologies’ AirVault complement each other to provide a joint offering to customers

◾The partnership agreement will focus on combined technical services to clients and joint marketing activities

London & Oklahoma City, 1st March 2011

Communications Software (Airline Systems) Limited, provider of market leading software systems for aircraft maintenance announces today that it has signed a technical co-operation and marketing partnership agreement with Critical Technologies Inc, “Critical Technologies” www.criticaltech.com, a second generation business process company that manages aircraft records, as well as other business records via the internet and storage based solutions.

The objective of the partnership, which builds on an existing relationship between the two companies, is the technical collaboration of Commsoft’s OASES MRO maintenance software and Critical Technologies’ AirVault integrated aviation maintenance and business record software. OASES and AirVault complement each other as products and the combination has already been chosen by Loganair in Scotland, with other airlines showing interest.

Aside from a combined technical product offering to clients, this partnership agreement focuses on a shared marketing approach and both parties have signed a joint referral agreement. Critical Technologies has a strong foothold in North America, a target market for Commsoft, which in turn has a client base throughout Europe, Africa and the Asia Pacific region, key growth areas for Critical Technologies.

Mr Nick Godwin, Business Development Director at Commsoft, commented: "Commsoft and Critical Technologies have complementary product offerings to the market, and we are very excited about working together to further explore joint market opportunities. Not only do our technical MRO software products complement each other but so do our business cultures."

Mr. Kim Swiggart, Senior Vice President of Critical Technologies added: "This partnership will greatly enhance our offering to our customers and assist AirVault in reaching potential new airline operators throughout Europe and Africa. AirVault and Commsoft fit “hand in glove” to provide mutual customers the ability to professionally manage their maintenance processes and provide a seamless way to access, secure and maintain all associated records that prove compliance. We are excited about this opportunity with Commsoft."

Commsoft has four regional centres in the UK, an international office in Australia and a technical support office in India. Commsoft’s systems are used by national and regional carriers, third party maintainers, cargo specialists, charter operators and specialist rotable stockists based all over the world.

Founded in 1995, Oklahoma-based Critical Technologies develops and sells AirVault, a software solution that manages maintenance documents for airlines and their service partners. AirVault provides aviation-specific processes and document-management tools that store and deliver fleet documents securely, via the Internet, where they can be accessed and routed by airline employees and their ecosystem partners. The company manages over three billion documents in its twin data centers, serving over 20,000 users worldwide.

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