Commsoft enters Greek market in OASES deal with Sky Express


Aircraft maintenance management software specialist Commsoft has made its first move into Greece after regional carrier Sky Express signed to use its flagship OASES product.

The deal is also the second agreement for the hosted version of OASES following its launch at the beginning of this year. Utilising a specialist team operating both remotely and in Heraklion, the implementation project was started in the second quarter of 2012 with the CAMO system going live in mid-August, followed by inventory functionality in mid-September 2012.

The new contract demonstrates how the option of accessing OASES hosted by Commsoft can open up sophisticated maintenance management techniques to smaller regional airlines by avoiding set-up fees and hardware costs.

Sky Express operates a network of scheduled domestic services with focus in Public Service Obligation routes throughout the Greek Islands and a few airports in the mainland from its base at Heraklion on the island of Crete.

The seven year-old airline plays an important role in Greece’s public service obligation (PSO) route network, serving a range of destinations in the Ionian Islands and Eastern Aegean among others. In addition it has a flourishing charter business.

The initial OASES application covers Sky Express’ fleet of four BAe Jetstream 41 and one Jetstream 32 twin-turboprop aircraft and will be expanded in line with the airline’s growth plans.

Sky Express will benefit from the following OASES modules:





Commsoft Managing Director Nick Godwin said: “We are delighted to sign Sky Express as our first customer in Greece and to be able to support them as they grow in the future. Our rapid implementation support was a critical element and I am delighted that excellent teamwork with Sky Express saw OASES go fully live in just three months. This contract demonstrates that with hosted OASES it is completely realistic for smaller operators to benefit from the same kind of cost-savings generated by modern maintenance practices that large airlines achieve.”

Mr Agamemnon Kikerakis, President and CEO of Sky Express SA added: “Cost-efficient maintenance that conforms with international regulatory standards is absolutely critical to our plans. By using hosted OASES we can take our maintenance operation to a new level of sophistication and know that there will be benefits to the bottom line from day one.”

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