Commsoft MD helps AVM MRO delegates keep pace with a fast changing environment


At the AVM MRO Technology Conference, held at Earls Court in London on the 8th/9th November, Commsoft MD, Nick Godwin, gave a presentation to the delegates entitled ‘Keeping Pace with the Highly Dynamic MRO IT Environment’.

He opened his presentation by stressing the fast-developing nature of the MRO IT Systems market - a market characterised by the widely varied nature of its customer base. Moreover, whilst the development of added value benefits is critically important, it has to be balanced against the ability of user organisations to adapt to change and the demand of the regulators for a controlled evolution of processes. As Mr Godwin pointed out, the technical, economic and competitive landscapes are constantly in flux, with MRO IT systems increasingly becoming business-centric, linking engineering functions with ETLs and EFBs as well as Operations, Finance and other departments.

Having set out the current state of play, Mr Godwin progressed to a consideration of how the market will unfold going forward. How will suppliers keep pace? And what will be the main market challenges?

‘One size does not fill all’ was one of his key observations. Different users have different needs. However, across the aviation industry, the paramount importance of safety and the demands of compliance and reporting will still combine to ensure that the adoption of new systems will be cautious. Against such a background, Mr Godwin concluded, the key focus of MRO IT systems development in the future is likely to be on fuller cross-business system integration, decision support and economic improvement. To survive, MRO IT suppliers will need to be flexible, sympathetic and energetic.

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