Benefits of OASES to independent CAMO/FTM service providers are highlighted by Commsoft MD at Bangkok conference


At this year’s Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference, held on the 17th and 18th October in Bangkok, Commsoft’s MD, Nick Godwin, gave a joint presentation with Francois Doray of FD Aviation Services on the theme of ‘MRO Software and the role of the Independent Fleet Technical Services / CAMO Provider in Asia’.

A Commsoft client, FD Aviation Services was established in 2006, in Singapore, to provide airlines and aircraft lessors in the Asian market with a range of aviation management services. In 2009, the scope of these services was expanded to include Fleet Technical Management (FTM) for which the company relies on OASES - one of the most successful aviation engineering and maintenance systems in the world.

After an analysis of the role of a Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation (CAMO) and FTM provider, the presenters went on to examine the particular IT system requirements of an independent operator. Not only does the system have to be capable of providing accurate and instant reports relating to aircraft airworthiness and aircraft performance, it also has to be upgradable (to allow for changing requirements and business growth) and, of fundamental importance, affordable and cost effective whilst also being user friendly and user customisable. Ultimately, the system has to enable the independent CAMO/FTM operator to deliver a level of service that allows its clients – the airlines and aircraft lessors – to focus on their core activities.

Concluding this section of the presentation, Mr Godwin outlined how OASES and the OASES business model have been designed to meet that challenge. Commsoft customers have the option to lease both the software and the necessary hardware on monthly payment terms. Fees are scaled in accordance with the number of concurrent users of the system, and new modules can be added at any time to include additional functionality. Equally important, Commsoft’s philosophy of continuous software development means that customers are not presented with the sudden expense of having to upgrade to a ‘new version’.

In summary, as the presentation highlighted, OASES makes it possible for the independent CAMO/FTM operator to ‘start small’ and grow the system in line with the growth of its own business.

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