Airclaims to use Commsoft’s OASES to fulfil its CAMO contract with MEGA Maldives Airlines


Following the decision of MEGA Maldives, the international airline of the Republic of Maldives, to adopt Commsoft’s OASES as its MRO IT system, the airline has now appointed Airclaims to provide CAMO support for its fleet.

Covering two Boeing 757s and two Boeing 767s, the contract with Airclaims provides for the delivery of aircraft induction, technical records management, maintenance planning, airworthiness data review and assessment, reliability monitoring and maintenance programme control services. The contract also includes the option to extend the service to cover further services such as Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) renewals.

Airclaims, on behalf of MEGA Maldives, will be using a dual standalone hot/cold server set up running a suite of OASES modules, including Core, Planning, Line Management, and Airworthiness. To fully manage the airline’s needs, Airclaims will be utilising the extensive support that Commsoft offers throughout the Asia Pacific region.

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