Pentastar Aviation LLC of the USA launches hosted version of Commsoft’s OASES


Pentastar Aviation has become the launch customer for the hosted version of Commsoft’s OASES maintenance management software, having utilized the system for several months, in a previously-unannounced deal.

Pontiac, Michigan-based Pentastar Aviation has been able to access a version of OASES hosted by a data centre on behalf of Commsoft itself, meaning that it avoided initial set-up costs related to hardware and licensing.

Pentastar Aviation provides comprehensive management services for a single McDonnell Douglas MD-83 in a 64-seat luxury business shuttle configuration that is operated under FAR Part 125 by a local professional sports team.

Pentastar Aviation, which is Commsoft’s second USA-based customer, has access to OASES for 2-3 concurrent users via remote desktop protocols.

The hosted OASES implementation includes the following modules:




Nick Godwin, Managing Director for Commsoft said: “We are delighted that Pentastar Aviation has chosen OASES, following a recommendation from an existing US customer. We expect a strong market from corporate aviation and airline operators with very small aircraft fleets for our hosted version of OASES. The combination of powerful functionality and a lower initial investment will open the doors to new markets for OASES. Hosted OASES customers will be able to later switch to a standalone version of the OASES system should their engineering demands or fleet size grows significantly. Following on from Pentastar Aviation, another unannounced US-based business shuttle customer has since signed for OASES”.

“We have a very encouraging level of interest in the hosted solution and we expect to secure other customers soon.”

The Director of Maintenance for the MD-83 Part 125 Operations, Dennis Heinze said: “The hosted adaptation of OASES will let us bring a whole new level of sophistication to our maintenance planning needs at Pentastar for an affordable price. For a small operator it has the potential to transform its maintenance management.”

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