GGAC choose Commsoft’s OASES to maintain Boeing and Airbus fleet


Commsoft, a world leader in aviation engineering and maintenance systems, is pleased to announce that it has signed a 2 year, 3 concurrent users’ contract with GGAC Aviation Consultants for the use of OASES.

OASES, designed to combine ease of use with a technical sophistication that allows for the full integration of all maintenance and engineering functions, is structured in a modular format and GGAC will be using the following modules: Core, Airworthiness, Planning and Materials Management.

GGAC is providing fleet management support for a small fleet of Boeing 737 ‘classic’ and Airbus aircraft, working both with lessors and a major European airline.

Nick Godwin, MD of Commsoft, commented: “GGAC will use OASES in a hosted environment to aid fleet remarketing and disposal. The technical and commercial flexibility offered by the hosted OASES model is well suited to CAMOs, smaller technical bureaux and appraisers, which need to provide comprehensive technical services for an affordable price. We’re delighted that past OASES users at GGAC have decided to select the system, particularly since the founders of GGAC have exciting plans for the further expansion of their business.”

Jay Gerritsen, Director of GGAC Aviation Consultants: “GGAC is delighted to have selected OASES which meets the requirements of small fleet management and aircraft disposals. I look forward to long and close relationship with Commsoft.”

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