Commsoft Finance Department Changes


Commsoft Finance Department Changes

As a result of the rapid growth of Commsoft’s customer base over the last 18 months, with 20 new customers having joined the family of OASES users, Commsoft had decided to re-organise its Finance Department processes. This will enable Commsoft to better embrace our customers’ needs as the user base continues to grow beyond 70 contracts, serving around 110 aviation operations in 45 countries.

These changes will allow us to maintain and improve the levels of customer service that Commsoft provides to all its customers and suppliers in this important area, and make it easier to communicate and resolve any issues you have. To facilitate better communication, we are introducing a dedicated Finance Department email address in order to centralise all communications on finance matters.

Therefore, in future please address all email communications regarding invoicing, payments, and general finance queries to:


This email address will be monitored by a team.

For initial telephone contact, please dial:

+44 1621 817425 and select “3” after the voice prompt.

Commsoft has also set up a Skype address of  'finance@commsoft.co.uk‘

We believe the changes we are making in communications and internal processes will greatly enhance the service we provide to our customers and we look forward to continuing to help you in the future.

Yours sincerely

Nick Godwin

Managing Director


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