Commercial Management

The Commercial Management Module allows customers to track and invoice for all labour and materials associated with third party work. It also provides the capability to invoice against complex customer models which can be tailored to match individual contracts or aircraft packages.

Labour Charges

Default labour rates can be set but they can be over-ridden by a customer contract or for a particular aircraft work package. Labour rates can be tiered to take account of fixed prices for certain work and varied according to time of day or for week-end / holiday periods. All charges can be over-ridden if required and when authorised. Effective dates can be set-up for labour charges to cover work over long term contracts and time categories can be used to cover out of hours work or off base support. Labour charges can be rounded according to the company’s policy in this area.

Financial Reporting

The system has extensive reporting capabilities built in to allow detailed analysis of the business to be carried out. Examples of reporting include the following: ◾Invoice value by customer and date range ◾Invoice value by A/C type or registration ◾Margin analysis ◾Work in Progress (WIP) ◾Accrued income ◾Reconciliation of stock movements ◾Accrued cost of sales ◾Actual cost of sales

Contract Modelling

The module has the capability to model complex contract structures including multiple labour rates, mark-ups with the possibility to set caps if required. Different material categories can be subject to differing mark-ups and this can be set down to aircraft level.

Material charging

Material charges can be set for stock items or can be varied if the material is associated with a particular contract. Mark-up percentages can be varied according to the value of the materials and can also be capped if required.

Freight and Service Charges

Freight charges can also be handled by the system. Default minima and maxima can also be set. Service charges can be set-up with cost codes to cover routine tasks such as cleaning and servicing of aircraft if required, rather than be charged for at hourly rates.


The system can differentiate between warranty and chargeable work and manage these activities alongside each other.

Sales Tax

The system can be set up to work with different tax regimes and has a full model for European VAT calculations built into it.

Invoices and Credit Notes

Invoices are finalised and then issued and a record of the invoice is then held in the system. Invoices can subsequently be amended if required, but a copy of the original is retained by the system. Credit notes can also be issued by the system against a customer’s account.

Maintenance Cost Calculation

A comprehensive set of functionalities within OASES allows an operator to both forecast future and report on actual maintenance costs. Labour rates can be configured for various tasks and material costs included.
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