Continuing Airworthiness

The Continuing Airworthiness Module provides the necessary tools to efficiently manage continuing airworthiness processes, giving you confidence that your organisation is complying with regulatory obligations.

The Continuing Airworthiness Module provides the necessary tools to efficiently manage continuing airworthiness processes, giving you confidence that your organisation is complying with regulatory obligations.

Fleet Reliability

OASES maintains and reports reliability statistics at a fleet level and automatically generates graphical reports for utilisation, in-service and maintenance defects, despatch reliability, component removals and open defects. The OASES user may easily define additional defect classifications e.g. ‘cabin defects’ and the system then automatically collects and reports statistics for these. The report function also offers full ATA and component removal analysis enabling detailed interrogation of the high-level data.

Aircraft Build

OASES maintains a model of each aircraft that defines all significant component locations. Specific part/serial numbers are then installed and monitored or the system will manage ‘empty’ component locations but will assume installation as part of the original build of the aircraft. Each component location comprises an 8-character ATA identifier and description which together with position and zone indicators give unique identification and control of all monitored components and systems. This model may be used as a standard fleet template that can be easily modified to reflect configuration variance within the fleet.

Repetitive Defects

Users may define repetitive defect alert windows against a 4 character ATA descriptor. OASES monitors all removals and automatically raises a Repetitive Defect Investigation should 3 events occur. Once an alert has been raised by the system the reliability engineers can track it and if necessary request an investigation.


Component assemblies may be defined to any required depth and OASES understands that removal of any master/sub component requires all sub-assemblies are also removed e.g. this allows a complete engine assembly to be removed as a single transaction. The component life forecasting mechanisms will call for the master component to be removed based on controls for any of its installed sub-assemblies.

Approved Maintenance Plan (AMP)

OASES maintains all tasks within the Approved Maintenance Programme (AMP) and ensures only those contained in the current approved revision are issued to a works order. Changes to the AMP may be developed within the system, and once approved, may be updated instantly to the new revision. The system can also generate a full AMP report which can be submitted to the local authorities for approval and a 'differences' report can also be generated in order to speed up the approval process.

Component Tracking

The system maintains elapsed life data for all components including time since new, since fit, since overhaul and since repair. This data is easily accessible and can also be displayed for any given historical date. All maintenance and modification tasks are linked directly to the airframe, location or component as appropriate. Various component removal alert levels may be defined against each ATA sub-system and OASES will report the current actual alert rate considering all events

AD/SB/EO Management

This facility allows elegant and easy control of all AD, SB, EO, SIL, AOT etc. Each entity may be defined by the user and complex relationships can be modelled. Documents can be defined as superseding or mandating others and the reverse relationships are automatically set. Multiple paragraphs can be created in a document record and the paragraphs can be set to run in parallel or in sequence. Completion of all task steps within a related SB will automatically record compliance with a controlling AD. Each record is held centrally and may be effective across multiple fleets, aircraft and components. A work flow sequence may be defined against each type of document and the system can intelligently route each stage depending on fleet type. A full AD/SB compliance statement can be generated at fleet or aircraft level. OASES can be configured for automatic download of AD source documentation (EASA) and provides an easily auditable record of all transmittals generated in this way.

Damage and Repair Management

Any damage which is discovered on an aircraft can be recorded in OASES. Details of the damage including dimensions and photographs can be added. Damage maps can then be created using diagrams that have been loaded into the system. A task can also be created to monitor the damage until such time as it is finally repaired. A full damage history for the aircraft can be held in the system and a damage history report can be created. In addition a 'dent and buckle' chart can be printed to be held on-board the aircraft.
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