Material Management

The Material Management Module controls all material within the organisation ensuring that it is available when required but is efficiently used and replenished or repaired when required. All stock is visible in the system at all times allowing the most cost effective use of stock at all locations.

Order Control

Order control encompasses purchasing, repair, loan and service exchange for both aircraft parts and non-aircraft goods. The system can create a request for quotation which can be sent out to vendors. When the vendors have responded the quotation can then be turned into an order against the winning vendor. Orders can be placed in multiple currencies and shipping details can be added from the system to ensure delivery of the parts to the location where they are required. If the Planning department create a works order which requires parts to carry out the work, then the Purchasing department is automatically notified of any shortages by the system and can create an order to fulfill the requirement. When items are received the accounts department is advised and can authorise payment or the system automatically passes items for payment based on the organisation’s business rules.

Shortage Control

The system provides a fully integrated approach to the management of inventory demands and material requirements are tracked from initial creation by the end user or system function (i.e. automatically from works order creation) through each stage to completion and reconciliation with the financial accounting system. Automatic shortage management ensures that all outstanding requirements are visible at all times. Any items that may have been pre-allocated to a planned maintenance input are still visible in the system. If a higher priority event occurs (AOG) they can be released to satisfy this demand and a new shortage will be automatically generated. This re-shortage is intelligently routed to the appropriate section giving full details of the current status of the new shortage to allow maximum time possible to satisfy this new demand. The system automatically tracks material requirements associated with planned maintenance, modifications and

Stock Control

Full visibility and history is available for all items in the inventory. Stock levels can be set and monitored so that re-ordering is automatically notified to purchasing. The system can handle multiple warehouses and can include alternate parts when considering re-order levels. The systems show stock in each location to allow efficient routing of parts to meet requirements. All movements are monitored by the system and may trigger the production of re-ordering or stock transfer alert reports. Management reports are produced with respect to shelf life control, stocktaking, stock valuation and the financial analysis of material usage. The system can handle multiple ownership of parts in order to deal with consignment parts or power by the hour agreements where part ownership is retianed by the vendor.

RFID Tool Control

The RFID tooling functionality in OASES allows an aircraft maintenance organisation to control all its aircraft tooling using RFID technology. This allows for faster and more accurate control for the issuing and receipt of tools and avoids tools which are out-of-date or unserviceable from being used to maintain aircraft. OASES can be used to individually control each tool using a unique identifier which is contained within an RFID tag which is attached to the tool or to individual parts of a tool kit. Each individual technician/mechanic has a unique RFID identification tag which can either be attached to his/her normal employee ID badge or to a dedicated badge. This tag identifies the employee to the system and is used to associate tools to the employee when they go to the tool store.


The system maintains full batch and serial number traceability and automatically updates these records as transactions occur. This provides a full audit trail enabling a user with appropriate system permissions to trace the origin, usage, repair history and current stock location of all items

Loans and Exchanges

The system automatically maintains a log of all parts (loaned in or out) through the parts issued and received facilities. This mechanism allows improved control over this easily neglected and costly aspect of stores control. The system also handles exchanged items.

OASES MobileMaterial Application

Android OS and Apple OS based applications are available which allow stores people and engineers to review the stock and issue parts. The application is barcode and RFID compatible and and can use a device's camera for these functions. The application can also be used to carry out part or audits (stock taking) and allow the stores people to immediately up-date the OASES stock status in line with the physical check.
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